Foes of marriage equality use the slogan “one man, one woman,” often citing this type of marriage as biblical.

But as a viewer of Pat Robertson’s “Bring It On” program on the Christian Broadcasting Network pointed out, the Bible is full of examples of polygamy which God apparently approved. “Throughout the Bible, we see many figures who had several wives. When did it become one man, one woman?” asked “Rambo.”

Robertson was hard-pressed to come up with an answer that would satisfy today’s moral outcry against polygamy.

I don’t know … polygamy was certainly accepted among the wealthier people, certainly the kings. Maybe that was a sign of the fact that they were kings. They made alliances and marriage was less of a romantic thing.

It was — I was reading about Solomon. It said he married the daughter of Pharaoh. Well, that was an alliance between Israel and Pharaoh.

Robertson said that Noah had only one wife, but David the king had a number of wives and children.

Robertson asked his co-host what she thought.  “I don’t know. I only have jokes in my head,” she responded.

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