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I think condemnation of polygamy is mostly the work of the Christian extremists needing to claim their moral high ground. Reading the Bible shows that your all-star prophets of God were immensely polygamists. The only reason why Christianity tries to say it’s so wrong is to work as they do in claiming they’re more righteous than Mormons or Muslims, or the rest of the world … I think they’re being a bunch of jerks, many of whom are hypocrites with close intimate mistresses.

As for the law, decriminalize it: the laws against polygamy prohibit cohabitation, something that is a little backward according to American/Western morals nowadays. If all that it takes to punish a cohabitating couple is the fact that they claim a marriage, that’s ridiculous logic. It only makes sense to criminalize polygamy when you are trying to criminalize all people who go without a marriage license, or all people who have plural mistresses, or who cheat on their spouses, because otherwise, it becomes a picking and choosing game of figuring out who is thought a criminal (a.k.a. polygamist) when plenty of people do equal things …

Concerning the specific practice of Polygamy, it’s not as uncommon as folks like to believe it is. We know of several couples that have an exclusive relationship with another woman … The average polygamist family are just like the rest of us, they just have a greater capacity for love and openness. The rejects from the shallow end of the gene pool that use woman like cattle are just as disgusting to them as to you, but don’t toss them all in the same bucket. It’s … just NOT the same thing.

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