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Polygyny (polygamy) is always morally right as it was a product of sound wisdom when society faced a terrible imbalance in the gender ratio. Who would like to see his sister or daughter unmarried for life or be a prey to casual marriage practitioners? Hence having only the option to sniff the married life for a while and then return to permanent loneliness. The greedy modern man likes it this way. The crowd of women who have once tasted marriage between one month and seven years is swelling by the day. They will have to live the rest of their lives without a husband, while the men endlessly taste the married life with one prey after the other; most of them ending as bedmates. One once told me that he had tasted up to eighty women. Mere tasting of the honey is now the game. Who cares for a permanent deal? Who is victimized here?

Now, what I am saying is that, at any time there is this gender ratio imbalance, polygyny (polygamy) is intellectually fine, it is not against civilization. In fact, opposing it in such a situation is sadism. Are we taking along sadism in our modern civilization? The only challenge, which monogamy also faces, is having responsible men accepting marriage. Responsible men should not be programmed to hate polygyny (polygamy), which the current circumstance requires, while irresponsible men take charge of the most precious human institution. Polygyny (polygamy) cannot be for every man in any generation because marriage is not for heartless or lazy people, how much more polygyny (polygamy).

Ishiusah on Nairland
South Africa

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April 2012
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