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Whoever finds a wife finds good, and obtains favor of the Lord (Proverbs 18:22).

Without any qualification, a wife is declared to be a “good” find, and is a direct result of Divine favor. Wisdom acknowledges this great truth.

God often has chosen to give some of His greatest servants the most challenging of wives (such as Jobs’ wife); still they are among the “all” that God is working for “good.” A man at odds with His Creator may become accusatory toward his wife and her role in his life, thus ultimately blaming even the nature of his circumstance on God Himself, “The woman whom You gave me …” (Genesis 3:12).

We are all broken; we’re all groaning and subjected to vanity – all of us: men and women, husbands and wives alike. This is the nature of the beginning of God’s work that will end in glory for all of His creatures. For some husbands it will take the realization of faith to perceive and appreciate their wives genuinely as a favor from God.

Wives need to be reminded and encouraged of their divine placement as “good.” Husbands must foster in their wives an understanding and acceptance of her ordained “goodness.” Just like the husband, she’s God’s grand and valuable work. She doesn’t need to struggle to be who God has already made her. It is God who has made her “good.” She only needs to be – be who she already is. This is her divine calling and placement. As husbands we are trustees and guardians of this “good.” Remind them of it often. Demonstrate it to them daily.

C2Pilkington-4Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
(Excerpted from his upcoming book, Wife Loving)

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