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As the love of a believing husband for his wife should accord with Christ’s love for the Ecclesia, the husband will be anxious at all times to examine the genuineness of his affection for his wife in the clear, revealing light of the purity, selflessness, devotion and constancy of the love of Christ. It is a revealing light, for Christ’s love was tried and its sterling worth proved in the crucible of His suffering for us.

In the injunction, “Husbands be loving your wives according as Christ also loves the Ecclesia and gives Himself up for its sake, that He should be hallowing it …” we have the highest, the ideal, the divine standard revealed to us. The feeble flicker of our affection can never attain the radiance of the glory of the love of Christ for His Ecclesia, His Body, but we can by earnest endeavor fan the flicker of our love into brightness and maintain it. With a brighter flame, betokening a warmer love towards God and to His beloved Son, we will be the better able to comply with the injunction, “Husbands be loving your wives as Christ also loves the Ecclesia.” Remember, too, that as beloved children, we are to be “walking in love, according as Christ also loves you, and gives Himself up for us, an approach present and a sacrifice to God, for a fragrant odor” (Ephesians 5:1-2).

Alan Reid (1910-1992)
Unsearchable Riches, Vol. 71
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